First Ancient African Genome Sequenced

Amazing discovery!

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An ancient African genome has been sequenced for the first time.
Researchers extracted DNA from a 4,500-year-old skull that was discovered in the highlands of Ethiopia.

A comparison with genetic material from today’s Africans reveals how our ancient ancestors mixed and moved around the continents.
The findings, published in the journal Science, suggests that about 3,000 years ago there was a huge wave of migration from Eurasia into Africa.

This has left a genetic legacy, and the scientists believe up to 25% of the DNA of modern Africans can be traced back to this event.

“Every single population for which we have data in Africa has a sizeable component of Eurasian ancestry,” said Dr Andrea Manica, from the University of Cambridge, who carried out the research.

Ancient genomes have been sequenced from around the world, but Africa has proved difficult because hot and humid conditions can destroy fragile DNA.


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Amazing power of fungi…



The Mycoboard is a material produced by the American company Ecovative Design.

They develop sustainable alternatives to materials that are known to have a negative impact on the environment, mainly through the use of mycelium, a.k.a. the root system of mushrooms, as a binder.

One of those products is the Mycoboard, a sustainable alternative to wood products like plywood. By using agricultural waste from local farms, they mix the waste with mycelium, and then lets it grow in a mold, where the mycelium grows and fills all hollow areas. To stop it from growing when you’ve reached the requested shape and density, they dry the whole thing to stop the process. No glue is needed in any step of the process. Even veneers can be applied to the Mycoboard by simply letting it grow in place.

At the end of the product’s life, you can compost it with good consciousness.

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Millions of Egyptian mummified dogs discovered

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This video says about itself:

Why ancient Egyptians mummified 8 million dogs found in Anubis ‘God of Death’ mass grave

22 June 2015

In ancient Egypt, so many people worshiped Anubis, the jackal-headed god of death, that the catacombs next to his sacred temple once held nearly 8 million mummified puppies and grown dogs, a new study finds.

By James Gerken:

Millions Of MummifiedDogs Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Catacombs

06/22/2015 3:59 pm EDT

Ancient Egyptians are well-known for having worshipped animals, and archaeologists are used to unearthing nonhuman mummies. But a recent investigation in an ancient tomb south of Cairo led to a find of amazing proportions: an estimated 8 million mummified dogs that have been underground for more than 2,000 years.

Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales chronicle their discovery in a study published this month in the journal Antiquity.

The researchers found…

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