January 11, 2015 … art in the city

Love this mushroom, looks like an alien!

Wysiwygpurple's Blog

I was minding my own business, to begin with.

Stinkhorn It seems I got lucky and did not detect the normally powerful stench from this little fungus. The flies obviously liked it.

Then Mary came rushing in and said I had to come with her to a place where she had just walked with a friend. Ever the dutiful husband, I grabbed my camera and jumped into the shotgun seat and off we went, a few kilometres up Normandale Road. There, we parked and walked a hundred metres of so down a narrow bush track where she showed me some interesting “flowers” The bush was dark and I hadn’t brought a tripod or flash so the handheld shot is not as sharp as it might have been. I posted the picture on Facebook, and learned that this is a fungus of the type known as Anemone Stinkhorn (Aseroe rubra). The brown…

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