Turkey Tail Mushroom And Its Medicinal Benefits

One of my favorite mushrooms!

Foraging Pittsburgh


One particular fungus really begins to shine this time of year when hardly a mushroom wishes to poke its fruiting body from the earth. I am referring to the aptly named Turkey Tail fungus (Trametes versicolor).

Turkey Tail is not difficult to locate, as it’s one of the most ubiquitous fungi found in our woodlands. Look around at the logs, stumps, and fallen branches in your neck of the woods – and you may eventually discover Turkey Tail. It’s not necessarily edible (too tough), though it sure is medicinal.

One particular study found that Turkey Tail can improve immune system status in immuno-compromised breast cancer patients following conventional cancer treatment (Torkelson et al., 2012). These findings are extremely important, as the study was not conducted on animals, nor in petri dishes, but rather on living human subjects.

A more recent human trial (again – not in animals, nor…

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