Fungi in Black Park

Beautiful shots!

Wild Plot

I went for a short walk in Black Park (near Slough) this morning, while the rest of my family were doing Parkrun. I’d expected to take some autumnal views and didn’t take my macro lens, but I ended up fungus-spotting, so here are some non-macro photos of fungi. Any help with identification much appreciated.

DSC_0812DSC_0814 (2)


Most of the fungi were on rotting trees. The ones below were on a stack of felled logs, I think probably conifers.

DSC_0853 (2)DSC_0854 (2)DSC_0856 (2)

Just as we were heading back to the car park I spotted this storybook poisonous red spotty toadstool – a fly agaric.

DSC_0867 (2)DSC_0869

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