Pinspiration – spider repellent!

Keep spiders away!

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After three particularly distressing mornings in our flat of going into the bathroom to be faced with what can only be described as TARANTULAS in our bath, (ok slight exaggeration but they were the size of my hand with legs fully stretched), my flat mate and I decided we need to tackle the problem that is set to terrorise Britain this winter.

After a warm summer the spiders in the UK have grown, boy have they grown! We do not get big spiders usually however a number of alarming stories have been in the press lately about families who have discovered increasing numbers of the eight legged horrors in their homes. Apparently as the weather turns cold they are looking for warmth. Well let me tell you they can find it somewhere else as I refuse to be terrorised by them in my own home.

We live in a topā€¦

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