Our Mountain Forest MUSHROOMS – PHOTOS

Amazing photos! Tons of mushrooms! Love it!


Our forest, when the rain is abundant, is filled with mushrooms and lichens and mosses. They are usually only out for a day or two and then ‘slime away’ or are eaten by critters or bugs. We have ourselves eaten a few, (well-researched for safety’s sake), but usually leave them to reproduce and spread their spores to the wind…

100_0102100_0101100_0100100_0099100_0098100_0097100_0096100_0095100_0094100_0093100_0092100_0091100_0090100_0089100_0087100_0085100_0084100_0083100_0082100_0081100_0080100_0079100_0078100_0077100_0076100_0075100_0074100_0073100_0072100_0071100_0069100_0068 as copy100_0067100_0066100_0065100_0063100_0062100_0061100_0060100_5591June 2007 002June 2007 011mushroom 2, July 06mushroom by lettuce box Oct 2011 001mushroom by lettuce box Oct 2011 004mushrooms Aug 07 001mushrooms Aug 07 007mushrooms Aug 07 010mushrooms Aug 07 016mushrooms Aug 07 017 redomushrooms Aug 07 019 redomushrooms Aug 07 023mushrooms Aug 07 028WV mushroom 25WV mushroom 26WV mushroom 27WV mushroom 28WV mushroom 29100_5601[1]100_5612[1]100_5616[1]100_5621[1]100_5625[1]100_5628[1]100_5629[1]100_5632[1]100_5637[1]100_5638[1]100_5640[1]100_5674100_5677100_5679

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3 thoughts on “Our Mountain Forest MUSHROOMS – PHOTOS

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging my forest mushroom photos. It’s funny how some people love the forests of the world so much and others avoid them at all costs.
    Anyway, I’m enjoying seeing some of your other lovely posts here virginastouch and thanks again for sharing. Rebecca

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