There’s Fungus Among Us

Lovely cluster!

Why is Arizona so...

Arizona’s monsoon rains in the mountains produce a summer crop of mushrooms, toadstools, slime molds and other delights.  Here are a few that have appeared already this 2014 season.  I don’t know enough about fungi to attempt to identify them for you.  Experts can determine if any are safe to eat, but many are deadly poison. Squirrels seem to eat some of them but I don’t know that is an indicator of human tolerance.I think they are fascinating to find.Coral FungusAmaritaClustersDetermined mushroomEarth Star, Astraeus hygrometricus fungusSquirrels seems to dig these up GalerinaLycogala slime moldLycogala terrestre slime moldMore spikey onesMushroom clumpsMushrooms around AspenMushrooms at base of treeMushroomsPinched face oneRed MushroomSpikey white mushroomTan Mushroom coming thru pine needlesTruly weird orange mushroomtwo stages same mushroomYellow mushroomsYellow slime mold

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