MINI-ME!! More FUNGAL morpho-deformities: Mushrooms get confused.

Boletebill's Fungi of Southern New England

Mini-me, which way is up and positive geotropism.

You either like Austin Powers or you don’t, no middle ground here. Even if you don’t like the juvenile comedy of Gold Member or The Spy Who Shagged Me there’s always memorable characters in these classics . Fat Bastard comes to mind but my favorite is Dr. Evil and his one-eighth sized clone Mini-Me. Dr.Evil and Mini-Me are inseparable. The mushroom deformity here on this blog page is a fungal Dr Evil/Mini-Me aberration. A mini mushroom growing out of a normal mushroom. It’s actually even more than that: It’s an upside down mushroom cap growing out of the top of a normal mushroom cap with a complete mini-mushroom growing out of THAT!

DNA is a set of chemical instructions. A section of DNA that has the instructions for making a protein is a gene.Some genes also have instructions that direct how and when…

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