Cooking with Wild Garlic

I love wild garlic!

Rhi's Foodie Life

Wild Garlic grows throughout the Spring in damp woodland areas (very often you will find it close to a stream) and will quite often fill the area it’s growing in with a delicious garlic aroma. It’s a fairly easy plant to forage for as that garlic smell is fairly distinctive, especially if you run the leaves between your fingers, but sometimes people do occasionally confuse it for lily of the valley which is poisonous so some care is needed.
If you don’t fancy trying to pick wild garlic yourself you don’t necessarily have to miss out as apparently it’s becoming increasingly common to see it for sale at farmers markets. Wherever you get it from I would recommend giving it a good wash before you use it just in case. You never know what has been roaming in the woodlands!

Wild Garlic Growing Wild Garlic Growing

Unlike traditional garlic, people don’t tend to…

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