The Happiness Ripple Effect


After my usual mindless scrolling through the internet on a Sunday afternoon through random websites, articles and videos I watched a really interesting video by ‘Ted Talks‘. It’s a video by psychologist Shawn Achor who argues that actually happiness inspires productivity.
Admittedly all of the Ted talks are amazingly captivating and engaging leading you to start questioning many areas of your life, the world in which we live in, and agreed this is a result of excellent speakers. I once watched a 20 minute video on ‘How to use one paper towel’. Now let me explain; I did not watch the full length of this video because I’m overly passionate about saving paper, or being efficient with my bathroom duties, however the speaker was so entertaining and was able to keep my attention. This demonstrates the information itself is equally as important as how the information is provided.

Anyway back…

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