King of the Moldy Minds: Paul Stamets and How Mushrooms May Save Our Environment

My idol Paul Stamets


Adrift the radioactive waters of the Pacific Ocean, Garbage Island gently swirls and expands. Now, more than ever, the toxic and long lasting by-products of the current global system needs to be attacked.The social and ecological consequences caused from these by-products are dire, yet  discussion in the mass media and preventative measures are too few.  However, Dr. Paul Stamets is a mycologist whose research and experiments show many and various beneficial uses of fungi.

Although Dr. Stamets’ study and research is diverse, he focuses on mycelium, the vegetative part of fungi. The results of Dr. Stamets’ experiments  show that the introduction of mycelium to contaminated environments  lowered toxicity in many situations.His research in mushrooms’ medicinal properties provided a breakthrough in fighting cancer too. In 2012 at the Uplift Festival, Dr. Stamets gave a fascinating and in-depth talk on his study, research, and passion for fungi.

As lovers of mushrooms and…

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