March Mushrooms

Ohio Mushroom Society

Welcome to the first installment of Mushrooms of the Month on our new site! This series shows some of the more common species you can find on your cold weather treks and adventures in Ohio. Several species of fungi actually do happen to fruit during this typically frigid month, it’s just a matter of finding them in the right place at the right time!

Gyromitra korfii
Gyromitra korfii by Dan Molter

Sarcoscypha austriaca
Sarcoscypha austriaca by Dan Molter

Nectria episphaeria on Hypoxylon fragiforme
 Nectria episphaeria on Hypoxylon fragiforme by Dan Molter

Xylaria Dan Molter

Bovista pila
Bovista pila by Dan Molter

Urnula craterium
Urnula craterium by Dan Molter

Exidia recisa
Exidia recisa by Dan Molter

Entoloma vernum
Entoloma vernum by Dan Molter

Tubaria furfuracea
Tubaria furfuracea by Dan Molter

Polyporus squamosus
Polyporus squamosus by Dan Molter

Morchella esculenta
Morchella esculenta by Dan Molter

Dacrymyces spathulata Hir
Dacryopinax spathularia by Walt Sturgeon

Dacrymyces chrysospermus
Dacrymyces chrysospermus by Walt Sturgeon

Exidia sp
Exidia sp. by Walt Sturgeon

Flammulina velutipes V
Flammulina velutipes by Walt Sturgeon

Auricularia EP
Auricularia auricula 

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